Brought to you each month by a different outdoor vendor each month who are also passionate about community. This allows for 100% of the nights beverage proceeds to go to the advocate!

How’d this phenomenon get started? Well we can’t take credit for the original thought but we can say we’ve brought it home to Blount Co.!

February of 2014 saw the addition of The Switchback Craft Beer Tavern to our business.

The craft beer culture is redefining gatherings all across the country. What it affords us is an opportunity to host local and outdoor advocates as they reach out to the local community.

May of 2014 was our first gathering and thru October of 2015 we have hosted 16 events raising in excess of $17,000.

It’s always a big reveal as to which brewery will be the Tap Takeover for each event.

Area Food Trucks are invited to show up and show off their expertise.

This year we have added an additional award…The Norm Peterson Award. That name will ring a bell with many folks as the character on Cheers who always showed up and sat at his same spot each episode. Well we’ll be awarding a custom commemorative growler to all who make it to 7 of the 10 events during the calendar year of 2016. A card will be distributed at each of the first three events to have stamped upon your arrival. We look forward to seeing you for these events all year long!